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Heavy texter’s want to know as much as possible about WhatsApp Messenger and do not want to be tied down to a specific smartphone such as Blackberry. Apple iPad users like PC users just want WhatsApp. All you need to do is follow the guide and in 20 minutes or less.So there is a way to get  Messenger for iPad. We have a 100% free and working guide on WhatsApp for iPad.  You will have whatsapp messenger on iPad downloaded and installed in no time.

A new version of this same guide is available here WhatsApp for iPad on Bazooka Apps

Why people get WhatsApp Messenger onto their iPad 2 ? They do not want to be faced with high cellphone bills due to a lot of SMS’s being sent. This is where WhatsApp Messenger make things so much easier.

Smartphone users who are using Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Android are being offered an Internet-based MMS/SMS alternative where they are not limited as to the amount of messages that gets send or received. Why now iPad and PC users?

Well here is what our guide on WhatsApp for iPad will teach you.

  1. How to JailBreak your iPad safely.
  2. How to download and Install WhatsApp Messenger onto any iPad
  3. How to activate your new messenger for the first time use.

These three questions will be answered. So get cracking right now and start with step 1. if you have a jail broken iPad you can start with step 2 here. have fun in following our guide !

Effectively what is means, is that you can communicate with anyone by simply installing and activating the downloaded WhatsApp Messenger. There is also no need to worry too much about who will all be contacting you due to the block functionality of the WhatsApp Messenger.


WhatsApp for iPad 2

Once you have registered the application, you will be presented with various menu choices such as your favourite contacts, saved chats, other contacts, and your status message. The cool thing about the status menu is that you will be able to select a custom status message that will allow other WhatsApp Messenger and iPad users to see what you are up to. You can mark yourself as available, busy, at the movies, battery about to die, at the gym, or whatever else you please.


Another cool feature is that you get to compare all existing phone numbers on your smart phone and match them with people who are already using WhatsApp Messenger on their iPads. The application will then automatically list these as your favourites. The auto-matching feature saves you a lot of time and lets you use your WhatsApp Messenger immediately.


The only requirement of course is that your friends need to have the WhatsApp Messenger installed as well in order for you to chat to them. It is super easy to set it up on most Blackberries, iPhones, Nokias or Android smartphones.


Once you have been shown how to download, install and activate the WhatsApp Messenger application, it is merely a case of letting the app go through your address book of contact numbers that are already registered on your phone. You could also invite your friends to download the app by either sending them a standard text message or via e-mail.


The important thing to remember is to follow all downloading, installation and activation instructions carefully, and you won’t have any problems with your WhatsApp Messenger.


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