The new iPad Mini: WhatsApp on iPad Mini

It seems the iPhone 5 is not the only device Apple is planning to hit the market with this October. The rumours of a new iPad mini are creating a buzz everywhere, this means for us iPg fans WhatsApp on iPan mini is to follow soon.. Of course, you are probably thinking what I’m thinking; An iPad mini? How small is it going to be and what exactly differentiates it from the iPod touch? here is a great article on WhatsApp for iPhone 5

The iPad as you very well know is ultra-modern, sleek and sexy. Just staring at pictures of it online can have you drooling unconsciously. There have been a lot of improvements on the device since the release of the first generation iPad and now the iPad 3 is a device consumers can barely wait to get their hands on. In spite of its very lightweight and slim design, there have been complaints about holding the iPad, especially the requirement of both hands in order to hold the device for a long period of time. Is this possibly why Apple is releasing the iPad mini or is it Apple’s way of differentiating themselves from the many tablets that have stormed the market and are now so ubiquitous? Whatever the case, the iPad Mini is a device that is much anticipated; consumers can barely wait to know what this device is packed with!

Physically, the iPad Mini has been vaguely revealed from pictures leaked in titbits. Pictures of the case show an aluminium design, with two speakers at the base of the device; Further seen is the usual Apple logo on the back and a rear camera. It is expected that the iPad mini will come with a 7.85 inch screen display with a high 1024×768 resolution. Also much expected is the addition of the Retina display feature that make images and texts look so crisp, one cannot help but fall in love with them.

It is assumed that this device will be equipped with Apple’s new operating system iOS 6 which features a free Google maps app, and will allow for better integration with social networks. Of course, the iPad Mini will have FaceTime. This is indubitable as FaceTime happens to be one of Apple’s very amazing apps yet. We suppose you can also expect that this device will be preloaded with iCloud.

Unverified statements have been made concerning the features of this new Apple device. Apparently the company is planning to include a feature that is very similar to the Pandora radio. It has been rumoured that Apple is busy deliberating on licensing music very similar to the type operated by Pandora Media Inc. (Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to another patent battle). The music service simply creates practical music stations that play music similar to a song or artist chosen by the user. This service apparently will be made available on all of Apple’s products.

The iPad Mini has also be said to debut at a price of $249, making it very affordable for the average consumer. There is abviously no Jailbreak and trick to unlock the device. So at this point we cant give you advice on how to get WhatsApp on iPad Mini. It is clear that Apple intends to knock its competitors out of the way with the introduction of this device and the low price is one way they can achieve that. Most tablets at the moment cost way more than that.

The release date of the iPad Mini is yet to be confirmed. Some sources have stated that the iPad Mini will be released on the same day as the iPhone 5 in September, while others have stated the iPad Mini will be released on a separate date in October. Whatever the release date is, we hope that the iPad Mini will be able to compete with the other tablet devices in the market in terms of intrinsic features and we hope that it will be something different that will blow us away. At this stage, that is all we can do, hope.

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